CCleaner Pro Crack + License Key Latest Version Full Free Download

CCleaner Pro Crack v5.73.8130 + License Key Full Latest Version Download

CCleaner Pro Crack v5.73.8130 + License Key Full Download

CCleaner Pro Crack is the full version that includes all advanced and paid features. It helps you with maintenance and makes your life very easy and hassle-free. Download this software from the link below and enjoy the software for free. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Features Of CCleaner Pro Crack:


When you open it, you’ll be created with the Cleaner tab first. And under the Windows and Apps tab, your windows are simple. It’s exactly what is installed with your operating system, and you can still scan that and run CCleaner on it.

CCleaner Pro Crack then you have your third-party software applications, programs that you downloaded from browsers to your application utilities, nothing like that. Everything you downloaded.

Registration and backup:

Then we have the registry to look for problems as registry issues are quite common. You can then fix these issues by clicking the button below to fix the selected issues. A window will then appear in which you can save your changes. This is extremely helpful. Just in case an error occurs, as it sometimes does, you can save your changes and roll back if necessary.

Uninstall the user interface:

You also have other tools so you can uninstall the user interface. You can easily access it through CCleaner where you can uninstall, repair, rename, or delete.


They have the launches which show you the programs that are running as soon as you start or start your computer.

Browser plugins:

In addition, you have your browser plugins in which you have your browser add-ons. You have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome. All the extensions you’ve added can be found here.

Disk Analyzer:

Then you can use a hard drive analyzer to select the hard drive to be scanned and all categories. Then click on Scan. This will show which category is taking up the most space on your computer. It’s handy for organizing and determining which folders you want to delete.

Just clean up the registry and browsing history:

The list of operations that can be performed with this tool is not long, but it is quite simple.

This utility can collect information about your computer while also providing the ability to speed it up and free up additional disk space by cleaning up temporary files and the cache, as well as temporary system files and the Windows registry.

You can only use this utility to perform a scan of your PC and manage the amount of free space created by deleting these junk files. You can also run the cleaner right away as this utility will always keep you informed of what has been deleted.

In addition, users can run the registry cleaner tool to check their computer for problems. This also prompts us to fix any problems we find. However, we can choose which ones need to be fixed.
You can also uninstall applications and erase drives.

Since temporary files aren’t the only ones taking up space on your PC, it can also help to uninstall apps that you no longer need.

At the same time, you can view startup applications and system restore points, or browse for various files on your computer. If we want to free up even more space, we can easily erase entire hard drives or make sure the free space is clean.

Duplicate finder:

We have the duplicate finder so you can choose any driver or folder here and usually duplicate it with music or movie folders. Video files and these take up a lot of space for duplicates. Deleting them can free up more space for your storage.

System recovery:

All right, you have system restore points. You can manage them all here. Anything you can manage, you can delete it too. And deleting it should also free up a lot of disk space.

Wipe your discs:

You also have the option to delete your drivers. So you choose the drive and then the type of deletion. You can then choose a pass that is not as secure as thirty-five very secure passes. It is useful for compassionate information on your computer.

The settings:

Let’s move on to other options. We have the settings, and these are your basic settings to control how CCleaner works. All you have here is little things like running CCleaner at startup, deleting all files, or folders. You can delete a normal file or delete a secure file. Similar to erasing your drive.

Whitelist function:

It’s a cool feature. The next time you sign in to Facebook and click “Remember me” the next time you sign in to Facebook, your login information will be saved. When you run a cleaning program like this one, you delete all cookies. It may not be very pleasant to reconnect to Facebook or other social media like this and keep doing so.

The Session Cleaner has the option to add a cookie to the whitelist that prevents you from logging in every time. This is a useful feature.

Include and exclude:

Also, you can choose which files or folders you want to delete with CCleaner. And then you have the opposite with exclusion.


Also, this is one of my favorite features so that you can fully customize CCleaner’s schedule. So you have the start time of the date, the date here too. And each month you can choose whether it is monthly, daily, or weekly. You can easily customize it however you want.


Then we have a monitor so that you can select the data threshold which will then prompt you to do something with CCleaner. So you can either request cleaning or automatic opening or automatic cleaning without notification. Here’s how you can customize that.

In addition, you can also do automatic cleaning with your browsers. You have the option of being asked or generally not being observed.

User tab:

The Users tab allows you to choose which users get CCleaner and which are not easy.

“Advanced” tab:

Finally, you have the Advanced tab which is where you can view all the additional parameters for how this application works. You can control this by, for example, showing the first detailed view or hiding or closing warning messages, or shutting down after cleaning small things like these with CC Cleaner.

CCleaner Pro Crack v5.73.8130 + License Key Full Download

CCleaner Professional 5.57.7182 Series:

Serial key: C2YW-IAHG-ZU62-INZQ-WZPC

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System Requirments:

Windows OS: 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10.
Mac OS: 10.6, 10.11, and also 64 editions.

How To Crack CCleaner Pro?

  1. First, download the CCleaner Pro Crack using the link or button below.
  2. After that, install the file and open it.
  3. Copy and paste the activation key.
  4. Eventually, the whole process is complete.
  5. Now enjoy it.

CCleaner Pro Crack & License Key Full Download

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